Posts from October 2011

Halloween Day 31: Evil Dead 2

Happy Halloween! Today I wrap up the month of Halloween on TLZ. I hope you enjoyed all the posts and the masks! TLZ will be updating tomorrow so make sure to come back and check out the new page! I leave you with one of my all time favorite horror films…Evil Dead 2. One of the main influences on TLZ

Halloween Day 30: Franken-Castle

This comic series was awesome. At first I was a little concerned because it seemed so far fetched and so ridiculous, and it is which is why it is awesome. The Franken-Castle series from Marvel was written by Rick Remender with art by Tony Moore and Dan Brereton amongst others. They took Punisher, had Wolverine’s son chop him up and

Halloween Day 29: Halloween Series

These are a bit of a guilty pleasure for me, at least Halloween part 1 – 6. After that, including the remakes, they aren’t really my cup of tea, but come on what movie is more perfect for the Halloween season than anything with Michael Myers in it. I don’t consider my Halloween season complete until I have watched bits

Halloween Day 28: Gwar

To be far Gwar is one of my favorite bands and they are awesome all year round. I have all the albums and know all the words to all the songs. I have seen them live probably in the double digits now and will be seeing them soon again. There reason they are on the Halloween favorite list is because

Halloween Day 27: Mister Monster

This band used to be higher up on my list but over the years has sort of fallen down the ladder. Mostly due to their inactivity but their first album got played heavily. What they brought to the horror punk genre was a bit of Doo Wop which The Misfits dabbled with on Saturday Night. But the main reason they

Halloween Day 26: Bubba Ho-Tep

This one is tricky because on the surface it seems like it would be a great Halloween movie. I mean it is a great movie but is it a horror movie? Is it a comedy? There are definitely elements of both but it is also very dramatic. As dramatic as a movie about Elvis in a retirement home fighting a