Halloween Day 12: Tales From the Crypt

Tales from the Crypt, at least the TV show probably makes up a good majority of my earlier horror memories. I have very specific memories of sneaking to watch it on HBO after my father had sent us to bed so he could watch Elvira alone. WHat struck me as a child about it was of course the over the top violence but also the sense of humor about it. I had never seen something so violent and horrific played for laughs. That and who could forget the Crypt Keeper.

When I got older I discovered the source material, the comics. A lot of those stories were told on the show but what these had was the artwork. The amazing artwork by some of the greatest artists to ever touch a comic page. Jack Davis, Graham Ingels, Al Williamson and even Wally Wood. For my money, comics don’t get much better than the old EC series.

I have been picking up the dvds and collections of the comics over the years and I am always surprised by how cheaply I get them. These are treasures! Again, if you haven’t, watch some Tales From The Crypt, or read some of the comics boils and ghouls.

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