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Don’t Hmmm Me!

Don’t Hmmm Me! published on 2 Comments on Don’t Hmmm Me!

Here is my brief explanation about how zombies function in this universe.  I based it off the idea that this story takes place in a world where zombies are not part of the pop culture lexicon or have not existed in their “real world.”  I think to us, zombies are so engrained in our culture we already know how they come to be at least in the multiplying capacity.  A zombie bites you, you become a zombie.  While that scenario is familiar to us I thought it was important to introduce to our characters so they would have the same understanding?  What do you think?  Do zombies need explanation anymore?

The Walking Dead Comic Series Sketch Cards

The Walking Dead Comic Series Sketch Cards published on No Comments on The Walking Dead Comic Series Sketch Cards

I don’t normally post my other work outside of TLZ and Creephouse Comics here but since these are so closely related I thought I might give you all a look.  Recently I participated in Cryptozoic’s Walking Dead trading card series as a sketch card artist.  I did 20 cards for the set.  Like most sketch cards they are randomly inserted into the packs.  This was an awesome set to be a part of and was particularly challenging because I was doing color cards of a black and white comic.

Denver Comic Con Wrap Up

Denver Comic Con Wrap Up published on No Comments on Denver Comic Con Wrap Up

I feel like I have been on a small comic book tour since the end of April.  Starting with Comic Fest in April I have been appearing at promotional evens more or less every weekend until this past weekend when my last event for the next few months was Denver Comic Con.  The previous weekend in Albuquerque I was asked frequently by artists who would be attending both shows what to expect from the Denver Comic con and honestly I didn’t know what say.  I wanted it to be good of course because this was the first large scale con in Denver but previous Denver events had me worried about potential turn out and enthusiasm for the show (outside the creator and retail community that is).  I have to say whatever I expected it to be, even my wildest best wishes were far surpassed by how amazing it turned out to be.

To say the least the whole weekend was amazing.  So many people came out to the convention center the fire marshal had to come down to make sure they weren’t over capacity and they weren’t just looky loos or star chasers.  People were beyond enthusiastic to be at the con, check out the art and the goodies and talk to the artists.  Sales were amazing (so much so I finally got that iPad I have been dreaming of) but that wasn’t even close to the best part.  It was the atmosphere and the energy that was on display all weekend.  I had so many wonderful conversations with old fans and new fans and people just passing by who had a cool shirt or costume.  Denver showed up in force to support the medium and the culture and blew the roof off the joint.  My friend Robert Elrod put it the best, “for a second there we were rockstars,” and we felt like it.  Never have I felt so supported by the community for my stories and art than I did this past weekend.  We sold out of our new Creephouse Comics book Never Send a Monster and a ton of Teenage Love Zombies books and I gave out nearly all of my postcards for the comic.

The Webcomic Pioneers panels both went off without a hitch and we had a pretty good turn out for both panels.  Throughout the weekend I was told numerous times that our panels were extremely helpful and asked what is next for the Webcomic Pioneers.  Well of course you will all know first.  Also, because of our organizer Robin Dempsey I was able to meet the hugely inspirational and the extremely gracious Chris Oatley of one of my favorite sites and podcasts, Paper Wings Podcast.  Of all of the amazing things that happened this weekend being able to meet and tell him how inspirational and informative his podcast has been was near the top.

As an artist you spend a lot of time questioning whether or not people are connecting with your work and this weekend was a resounding yes.  It made me feel amazing as an artist and a story teller and made me feel proud to be a Coloradan.  A tremendous thank you to everybody who came out and supported Creephouse Comics or just stopped by to chat and an even larger thank you to everybody at Comic Book Classroom for providing me with what is easily some of the best couple days of my life.


I Was Dead?

I Was Dead? published on 3 Comments on I Was Dead?

Alright we have them moving away from the castle.  That place has gotten sketchy anyway. This is their first glimpse of what happened to their friends. Guy was obviously distraught about Loraine being killed that he might not have thought about what happened to Ox and Ruthanne.  I miss these two but you have got to break some eggs and all that.  Some science dropping is coming your way again next week!

This Weekend Denver Comic Con and Webcomic Pioneers!

This Weekend Denver Comic Con and Webcomic Pioneers! published on No Comments on This Weekend Denver Comic Con and Webcomic Pioneers!

The big show is upon us!  This weekend is the first ever Denver Comic Con and you better believe I am going to be there.  I will be at table 115 in artist alley with all sorts of Creephouse Comics and Teenage Love Zombies goodies including TLZ book 1 and the brand new second collection of TLZ.  I will also have the new book from Creephouse Comics Never Send a Monster written by William Tooker and illustrated by myself.  This one is only available until it is sold out and there will not be a second printing.  We are very proud of this book so grab it while you can.  I will also have an exclusive Denver Comic Con print which is an additional character to my series of Monster Mushots series, The Bride.

She will be available as a single print or part of the whole set in the postcard size.   I will also be doing sketches all weekend as well so if there is anything you want drawn come on by and let me know! I only charge $10!

The other part of Denver Comic Con is that our webcomics group Webcomic Pioneers will be presenting two panel discussions on the ins and outs of making a webcomic.  They will both be held steps away from the con at the Hyatt in room Capitol 1.  The first panel will be kind of a nuts and bolts approach to making webcomics and will take place Saturday at 1:30pm and the second will be more in depth about sustaining a webcomic and the business side of it.  That will be Sunday at 1pm again at the Hyatt in Capitol 1.  We will also have available for free a very in depth book with further info about topics we will be discussing.  We are pretty proud of this resource and I wish something like this existed when I started making TLZ and we are giving it away FOR FREE!  Who doesn’t like free stuff?  So if you want to start a webcomic of just want to know what they are all about come by the panels and check out the Webcomic Pioneers in action!

See you this weekend!


Wakey Wakey…

Wakey Wakey… published on 4 Comments on Wakey Wakey…

Greetings to all the new readers I met in Albuquerque at ACE!  Welcome to Teenage Love Zombies!  I feel a little bad having Annabelle wake up to Fausto’s crazy severed head instead of with Vanalstyne.  Being suddenly reanimated back into life is probably shocking enough let alone having to do it bound in the woods with Fausto.  For now it seems he doesn’t want to hurt her but I doubt she knows that…