This Weekend Denver Comic Con and Webcomic Pioneers!

The big show is upon us!  This weekend is the first ever Denver Comic Con and you better believe I am going to be there.  I will be at table 115 in artist alley with all sorts of Creephouse Comics and Teenage Love Zombies goodies including TLZ book 1 and the brand new second collection of TLZ.  I will also have the new book from Creephouse Comics Never Send a Monster written by William Tooker and illustrated by myself.  This one is only available until it is sold out and there will not be a second printing.  We are very proud of this book so grab it while you can.  I will also have an exclusive Denver Comic Con print which is an additional character to my series of Monster Mushots series, The Bride.

She will be available as a single print or part of the whole set in the postcard size.   I will also be doing sketches all weekend as well so if there is anything you want drawn come on by and let me know! I only charge $10!

The other part of Denver Comic Con is that our webcomics group Webcomic Pioneers will be presenting two panel discussions on the ins and outs of making a webcomic.  They will both be held steps away from the con at the Hyatt in room Capitol 1.  The first panel will be kind of a nuts and bolts approach to making webcomics and will take place Saturday at 1:30pm and the second will be more in depth about sustaining a webcomic and the business side of it.  That will be Sunday at 1pm again at the Hyatt in Capitol 1.  We will also have available for free a very in depth book with further info about topics we will be discussing.  We are pretty proud of this resource and I wish something like this existed when I started making TLZ and we are giving it away FOR FREE!  Who doesn’t like free stuff?  So if you want to start a webcomic of just want to know what they are all about come by the panels and check out the Webcomic Pioneers in action!

See you this weekend!

By Kevin Glover

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