Best of 2013 Lists are Coming…

As you know every year I usually post multiple best of lists.  I do this to help share in some great works that have meant a lot to me over the year, inspired me in some way or were just plain awesome.  This year there’ll be four lists.  Best metal of 2013, best non metal of 2013, best comics of 2013 and best movies of 2013.  I’ll be splitting these lists between the TLZ site and the Creephouse Comics site.  So stay tuned for our yearly wrap up.

Happy Holidays!

Slow Going…

It always seems to happen this time of year.  After Halloween things are just a bit slower.  Never fear, there is still plenty of TLZ action for you.  Three years strong and never missed an update!  Thanks for reading!

Zombie Queen Cosplay!

My awesome friend Gabi decided to rock the Zombie Queen as her Halloween get up this year.  Gabi is always working on some awesome cosplay and I’m honored she chose to represent for TLZ this year.

Here she is in full regalia.


Here I am with my character come to life.  Too fricking cool!


Halloween Contest Winner!


Congratulations to Liz Hoover.  She won the big, month long Halloween Contest.  Liz won a set of TLZ comics, some buttons, an original custom art sketch card, a tarot card print and she will be immortalized as a zombie in an upcoming page of TLZ!

Thanks to everybody who played along this month!