TLZ at the cons…

I am starting to get ready for some conventions this year and I am making some lists of products to help promote TLZ. My main goal of con season is to get the word out on TLZ! I already have some ideas on what to offer but I am looking for some more. If you… Continue reading TLZ at the cons…


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Zombie Xmas

Just wanted again thank everybody who has been dropping by and reading the comic. After next week the comic is going to be taking a break for the holidays but will be back the first week of January. I hope everybody has a great Holiday season and thanks for making this year one to remember.

Throw the Switch!

I like the idea of Vanalstyne performing all his experiments in this little room without many fancy gizmo’s and doo dads. I imagine in his head it is way more grandiose and extravagant.

The Perfect Pumpkin

Introducing one of the main characters Fausto. Finding the perfect pumpkin every Halloween is an art. It has to be just right. Not to round, not to flat. Not lopsided or wonky. Big enough to hold your upcoming vegetable carving masterpiece but not so big it is just tacky. There are many factors. Fausto seems… Continue reading The Perfect Pumpkin


The site is officially up and ready to go.  Soon it will be filled weekly with comics and all sorts of fun stuff so check back often or bookmark it or something that allows you to keep coming back for more!  Welcome to my webcomic series Teenage Love Zombies!