The Drawing of Motorcycles…

Let’s get it out of the way. Drawing motorcycles is hard. Just drawing a motorcycle at a regular side or front angle is challenging enough but add a crazy angle and somebody riding it and you are in for some work. I tried numerous methods to get the pose and angle right like Google Sketch Up, image searches and biker websites (those were good but the models were not quite clothed enough, or male, or really riding the bike).

Finally it dawned on me that I haven’t been a Ghost Rider fan for so long without having amassed a large collection of comics feature the ol’ Spirit of Vengeance! I looked through Ghost Rider comics from all the way back to the originals in my Essential collections to more recent ones and thank the maker for Ghost Rider and his motorcycle. So whenever you see Guy on his motorcycle it was most likely reference from a Ghost Rider comic.

By Kevin Glover

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