I Sell the Dead

I can’t help but think of that Alice Cooper song I Love the Dead when I see this title.  This movie and Alice’s song really have nothing to do with each other (except the dead) but that’s just my nerdy brain at work.

I Sell the Dead went way to far under the radar for such a cool little movie.  I think it came out on DVD with little to no theatrical showing or even fanfare.  Which is a shame because this is an awesome one and done horror movie.  It doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel or spend copious amounts of time explaining a concept we are all familiar with (vampires, zombies, grave digging) and it has fun with itself.  It’s one of those rare horror movies that has a sense of humor to it that isn’t based on over the top gore or poking fun at the established genre rules.

The story involves two grave robbers and some of their stories from the trade.  It’s all told in flashback as one of them awaits the gallows.  What I enjoy most about this movie is that it has a classic horror feel to it. It’s full of fog covered graveyards, weird scene transitions, a silly score and even a sort of comic book effect that use a couple times.  It’s just a good solid, fun horror movie and at the time it came out it was such a refreshing movie for me to watch.  No torture or seriously gritty remakes.  Horror can be fun and I Sell the Dead proves that.

By Kevin Glover

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